Consultations with Pipaluk Universe

One-On-One Consultation Packages

  • Unlock the keys to your desires
  • Heal and Transform
  • Let go and Integrate
  • Make the subconscious conscious
  • Release blockages and enjoy a successful and fulfilled life

Consultation Packages Include:

  • Detailed session notes e-mailed to your after sessions
  • Practices & Meditations to work with between sessions
  • Practice & Meditation Recordings
  • E-mail check-ins

Grief * Death * Dying * Orgasms * Sexuality * Success * Life Desires * Love * Sex * Relationships * Spirituality * Menopause * Aging * Divorce * Orgasmic Energy / Sexual Energy * Light to Medium Trauma Healing * Breathing * Transformation * Letting Go * Integration * Sensuality * Meditation * Inner Healing


Consultations are for everyone willing to do the work of transformation.

The goal depends on you! Unlock your desires, heal your pain, transform your inner landscape, integrate.


A minimum of 3 one hour sessions and a maximum of 10 one hour sessions.

Live video calls or in person,
Ongoing support between sessions

What is it?

Consultation packages are a set of weekly or bi-weekly one hour live sessions. Between sessions clients will have meditations and practices to work with in order to integrate further. Any required recordings, support or guidance between sessions is made available via direct e-mail contact with Pipaluk Universe.

Who is it for?

Consultation packages are for anyone ready to put in the work for big transformation and integration in life. Whether you have desires and goals you want to achieve or pain and challenges you want to let go of and integrate, these consultations are for you.

Where does it happen?

Consultation sessions happen online in live video calls or in person in Amsterdam, NL. Additional support and recordings are communicated via e-mail. After each session you will also receive and e-mail with detailed notes from the session.

How does it work?

First apply for a free discovery call with Pipaluk Universe. This is often a consultation in and of itself and a great way to find out the unique approach of Pipaluk Universe. When you have decided on what you need support with you can book your first session. Each session details the progress you have made and includes guided practices of transformation, healing and integration.

When does it start?

Your first consultation takes place after the initial discovery call. If you are a recurring client you can contact Pipaluk Universe for availabilities in case you need additional sessions.

Why does it exist?

In a society with an ever increasing number of challenges and distractions, having excellent support is more needed than ever. A combination of excellent feedback and thousands of hours of training and coaching make Pipaluk’s services what they are today: An empowering support system for powerful clients! 

Apply for a Free Discovery Session

Pipaluk likes to talk to any potential clients before working with them. Please fill out the application form to apply for a free discovery session. Within a few days you will receive an e-mail from with a link to schedule your live video call with Pipaluk. Make sure to check your junk e-mail folder so you don’t miss this mail!

During the call Pipaluk will ask you a few questions to get to know you better and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. You will also receive more information regarding the kind of work you will be doing together and a possible planning for the sessions ahead.

The discovery session is often a consultation session in and of itself!

Once you agree to work together, you will receive an e-mail with the client agreement and payment information.

Your Investement


  • A minimum of 3x60min live one-on-one sessions with Pipaluk Universe
  • Homework is adjusted according to the time you have available. It is recommended you invest at least 30min of time 5 days a week between sessions.
  • Optional: Time to write weekly e-mail check-ins to Pipaluk Universe regarding your progress, any questions you have, or support you need.


Consultation packages are priced on a sliding scale. Each person has a different relationship, therefore there are several payment options.
IMPORTANT: All payments must be made prior to every lesson.

  • 3 session package: $315 (unwaged) – $750 (waged)
  • 6 session package: $630 (unwaged) – $1500 (waged)
  • 10 session package: $1050 (unwaged) – $2500 (waged)

Inspired by the ongoing work of the Reclaiming Community surrounding inclusivity, accessibility and necessity, recognizes that there are groups of people who are directly affected by culture and society that impacts their lives and financial situation.

Because of this there is a pay-what-you-can solidarity scholarship available for students, single parents, LGBTQIA, people of color, black people and activists. Generous payment from those in the course support the scholarship.

One additional scholarship is available for each apprentice that pays the maximum price.

Please contact to apply for a scholarship.

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