My Story

Pipaluk is the founder of Pipaluk Universe, MagicIsTheKey and co-founder of Tarocks. She has an international consultation & student client base. Pipaluk regularly hosts live events for her meetup group of over 700 members. She is also booked for talks and presentations, most recently at the University of Amsterdam.

Early Life

Hi, I’m Pipaluk, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up reading lots of books. Sometimes I would read three books at the same time. This is how I still like to spend my time.

I also like to create. As a kid I made binders filled with worlds, with beings and people, even maps. I made scrolls and entire series of comic books. From an early age on I understood how real everything that humans imagine is to the human experience.

If I could make a world in enough detail in my mind to the point where it would activate all my senses then the world became a real experience.

I noticed that if I shared a world in enough detail with others, it would become just as real to others. All they had to do was open to the experience and allowed their senses to engage with it while suspending disbelief.

This was my own way of discovering the power of imagination.

Combined with an urge to understand life, how to live, the purpose of everything and our place in the universe, my earliest memories are filled with existential questions approached from both poetic and logical perspectives.

The Pit of Despair

As I grew up I became more accustomed to a world that had no place for imagination. I fell into a pit of despair. I didn’t see the point of anything the way it was presented to me.

How could life matter when I was supposed to learn without question what was offered to me, go to the schools that only intellectually made sense within the context of the culture I lived in, then get a job, a relationship, friends and family and have all this external stuff somehow be the source of my life’s satisfaction?

Magic is Real

My search for meaning became desperate until the day I learned that magic is real. Not real in the sense of all fantastical novels being a depiction of literal truth. Yet definitively a real part of human experience.

The Teacher

I had read and heard over and over again that when the student is ready the teacher will come. I had finally found mine and I applied to the apprenticeship he offered at the time. And so it began.

There is a system to magic, one with recognizable patterns and repeatable experiences. Like the seasons that come every year, magic has repetition and rhythm that every time is the same and yet different.

Magic has Purpose

There is a purpose to magic, one that I experience as intrinsic and vital to a truly fulfilled human life but never had the words for in my childhood. Rather than intellectualizing our context and purpose, it brings about the experience of context, purpose and belonging to the entire being in a way that encompasses its entirety.

To make a note of language as well: Plenty of people experience what I define as magic in their lives but do not use the word ‘magic’. I choose this word because within me it evokes the kind of feeling that I get when I stand before an artwork that touches me deeply, changing me. The kind of artwork that makes me feel seen and understood on a level that cannot be put into words. So, please feel free to substitute ‘magic’ with whatever word you have that does the same for you.

The Great Inner Conflict

To this day I often feel confronted with the juxtaposing perspectives I hold within myself. One perspective on one extreme end tells me what I do is something to be ashamed of, something that cannot be taken seriously, something that serves no purpose and is dangerous at best. It is not a real job, a real line of work or even a real line of study.

At the other extreme end I have the part of me that wishes and believes it is all real and beautiful and if I put in enough work I can fly without wings.

Both those parts of me are believers.


From inner conflict my personal practice evolved. If I was to justify the study and practice of magic, I would need to base it on tangible experience.

To this day I regularly take inventory of my internal beliefs and give them context in the society I live in. I recognize that I live in a culture marked by Christianity as much as a Newtonian view of the world.

I also am aware of the human tendency to attach meaning and story to any given situation or event. This becomes particularly evident in my work with tarot cards. The challenge cards pose is for the reader to see what is actually there, without bias, and offer insight that is actually useful and beyond what one might expect to find.

The Seeker & The Results

I my quest for how to live this life and how to approach the void that lies just beyond our limited understanding of existence, I continue to ask more questions than offer answers.

More than anything, the experience of the magical has offered me enough in life to keep going. It manages to both comfort my wishful thinker and my inner sceptic while offering an experience of life that is as intellectually satisfying as it is spiritually enlightening. 

In the magical I have found purpose, a connection to the deep mysteries of life that feels manageable, all the while never asking me to believe, only open up to experience.

Practically I have watched my life take a turn from feeling utterly depressed, even when I seemed happy and on a good path, to feeling filled with purpose while watching myself become increasingly successful from the viewpoint of society.

The Reason Why

This work is my passion. I never felt that if I am to live feeling satisfied and fulfilled, then sharing these experience is what I must do.

There is a language that can bring magic to those who need it the most, who have not yet found a way to open up to this incredible way of experiencing life. A language that can bridge both the fear and the shame that envelopes living a magical life in so many parts of the world.

To begin with, I did this privately, working only in the context of a mystery tradition I had studied in. As I became more practiced, I started offering one-on-one sessions as well as events to the public. I started out tentative in my approach, still skeptical of the true value of it. 

This tentative approach did not last long. As I shared this work, the feedback I received from those I worked with was immensely positive.

I realized quickly this work is needed.

I am here and doing this because it is necessary.

This is Your Path

Magic is real and there is a grounded and practical approach to it that can be integrated into daily life. It holds the key to changing the world.

This is the path you can walk to reconnect with yourself and the world you live in.

This is the path you can walk if you desire to experience real magic.

Join the Adventure

Walk with me and join the adventure. Discover the universe, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Believe nothing I say.

Question everything.

Approach this art with an inquisitive mind, a good dose of skepticism, and the ability to suspend disbelief. Let go of everything you expect and everything you think you know. 

Prepare to be inspired and changed as life opens up to you.

Reclaim all the ways in which you can experience this life. Ways that include and bring together mind, body and spirit.

We can always analyze what happened later.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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