A life of Magic & Witchcraft

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship

  • Live with real magic
  • Learn the ancient art of witchcraft
  • Discover your inherent magical skills
  • Integrate magic seamlessly into your life
  • Life with power, sovereignty & purpose

Course Includes:

  • Physical welcome package
  • 12 monthly live lessons with Pipaluk Universe
  • Weekly e-mail check-ins
  • Connection with other apprentices

A witch can be of any gender or non-gender. A witch knows how to connect to both the world within and the world without. A witch walks through life with sovereignty, power and purpose. A witch knows how to sync with natural rhythms. A witch can access the mysteries of life and death. A witch is this and so much more.


For complete beginners and intermediate practitioners

The goal is to live with magic in a way that is powerful and connects you to yourself and the universe.

Course length: 

One year

Course format:
Live video calls or in person
Written notes
Physical class materials

What is it?

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship is a one year custom designed course with physical class materials, 12 one-on-one live lessons with Pipaluk Universe, and a group of dedicated apprentices. It shows you how to live with real magic and how to connect with yourself and the universe.

Who is it for?

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship is for those who desire a deep connection to themselves, the planet and the universe. Often it expresses itself as an inner need for an experience of the divine that has been present since earliest memories. It can also be the realization that there is no point to life without magic in it.

Where does it happen?

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship lessons happen online in live video calls or in person in Amsterdam, NL. The weekly check-ins happen online via e-mail. Some class materials including the welcome package are physical and are shipped to you when you start the course.

How does it work?

Once a month for 12 months you will meet with Pipaluk Universe for a live one-on-one lesson. The 90min lesson includes check-ins, support, theory, practice and suggested homework. After each lesson you will be sent an e-mail with lesson notes, practices and recordings if needed. Between each lesson you have weekly e-mail contact with Pipaluk Universe where you can check-in with your progress, ask any questions and request extra homework.

When does it start?

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship starts immediately once you have been accepted to the course. To apply you need to go through the two step application process: A written application form and a live interview with Pipaluk Universe.

Why does it exist?

Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship exists because it was a Witchcraft Apprenticeship that changed Pipaluk’s life and she wants to give this work back to the world in a practical and approachable way. It exists to offer you a grounded and safe pathway into practicing the art of witchcraft and living a high quality life which includes the daily experience of real magic.

How to apply to the Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship:

Begin by filling out the application form. Within a few days you will receive an e-mail from support@magicisthekey.com that will let you know if you can continue on to the second round of the application process. Make sure to check your junk e-mail folder so you don’t miss this mail!

For the second round of the application you will receive a link with which you will schedule a free live discovery call with Pipaluk Universe. During the call you will have a chance to meet each other live to see whether the Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship is the right match for you at this time. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding the Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship.

Your Investement


  • 12 x 60min for the live one-on-one sessions with Pipaluk Universe
  • Homework is adjusted according to the time you have available. Schedule time daily or weekly to get the most out of your apprenticeship.
  • Optional: Time to write weekly e-mail check-ins to Pipaluk Universe regarding your progress and any questions you have.


The Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship is priced on a sliding scale. Each person has a different relationship, therefore there are several payment options.
IMPORTANT: All payments must be made prior to every lesson.

  • Per session: $105 (unwaged) – $250 (waged)
  • Per 3 sessions: $315 (unwaged) – $750 (waged)
  • Per 6 sessions: $630 (unwaged) – $1500 (waged)
  • For the entire year: $1260 (unwaged) – $3000 (waged)

Inspired by the ongoing work of the Reclaiming Community surrounding inclusivity, accessibility and necessity, magicisthekey.com recognizes that there are groups of people who are directly affected by culture and society that impacts their lives and financial situation.

Because of this there is a pay-what-you-can solidarity scholarship available for students, single parents, LGBTQIA, people of color, black people and activists. Generous payment from those in the course support the scholarship.

One additional scholarship is available for each apprentice that pays the maximum price.

Please contact support@magicisthekey.com to apply for a scholarship.


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