A strong spiritual practice is vital for a high quality life. Support lasting transformation, remove blockages and live a successful life with magic.

Real magic is a life changing experience and it’s within your reach, no matter who you are or where you’re at!

Magic is the Key to Your Life Making Sense.

Magic is the key to your life making sense.

Magicisthekey.com reconnects humans to themselves and the space they exist in.
Our students and clients are curious and intelligent humans with practical minds. They spend their time discovering what life means to them and fulfill their desire to touch the divine.

Time filled with purpose is never wasted.

Support for humans who feel disconnected.

Life sucks when you don’t know why you’re living. Whether you’re moving through a big challenge or feel on top of the world, without purpose nothing makes sense and therefor nothing can be fully enjoyed. Without connection, there is no purpose.

Though you might have all the tools to find success or get what you want in life, everything only feels truly fulfilling if it has context. Working with magic offers connection and context without asking you to believe anything.

Become connected and live a full life.

Being connected means being fulfilled and feeling purpose in life. It means being present in life and finding pleasure and enjoyment even when times are challenging. When we are connected we have a sense of where we come from and where we are going.

Rather than having to put in lots of effort to stay motivated about whatever it is that is going on in life, there is a feeling of having an inner drive that moves us through all challenges and successes. We become present in the moment and present in life.

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Here’s how it works.

Magicisthekey.com provides you with the building blocks to achieve real connection with yourself and your environment. Discover practice and theory that explains why every step of the way. The approach is playful because humans learn best when they play.


It’s hard to change your life if someone is just talking at you. Therefore everything we share and teach comes from a place of embodied experience. This way knowledge and practices of transformation can be transmitted directly from human to human. 


Everything you find here can be applied to life on a daily basis. Those who come through here receive tools and practices that can easily be adapted according to any situation in life. There are no failures, only lessons!

Shared Experience

You are not alone. Join the community to learn from others, share your challenges, celebrate your successes and get inspired.

Rewire Your Brain

Only by creating new pathways and connections in your brain can you experience lasting change. 


Clients & Students know best.

Read what people are saying about their experience.

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Work closely with Pipaluk Universe in a one year intensive program individually designed to reconnect you to yourself and the universe. Discover why magic is the key to your life making sense and put what you learn to immediate use.
This is an exclusive course with limited spots that accepts new apprentices only via a two step application process.


Invest in yourself and get practical support from Pipaluk Universe. You can expect a guided path to living the life you desire as well as deep healing and transformation. During consultations techniques that make your subconscious conscious are worked with. The result is that you can choose to live the life you want and heal any area you need to.


When you ask the right question, a bunch of cards can offer the most useful answers. A no-nonsense approach to tarot wrapped in a carefully designed experience tailored to achieve real results and solutions.
Pipaluk has established her own tarot reading process that offers depth and intruiging questions. You will be guided all the way.

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